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5-Spice Preserved Jujube 

Jujube Mulled Wine

This recipe isn't exactly a mulled wine (more of a cross between that and a hot buttered rum), but the general flavors are something similar to a drink called Glogg that I used to drink at Simon's Tavern in Chicago. There is no better place for a steaming mug of mulled wine, but if you can't make it to Chicago this is a pretty good substitute :) 

1 bottle Sunset Cultures Elderberry Plum Kombucha

1 jar of Sunset Cultures 5-Spice Preserved Jujube
2 lemons
4oz Jamaican Rum** (Smith & Cross or Wray & Nephew is best)
Optional: 1oz Byrrh Quinquina

Add the bottle of Elderberry Plum Kombucha to a small pot and begin heating over low heat.

Reserve 4 oz of syrup from the jar of 5-Spice Preserved Jujube. Add two whole jujubes to the Elderberry Plum Kombucha, along with the syrup and juice of one lemon.

Allow the kombucha mixture to come to a low simmer. Once it is hot, remove it from heat and add the rum and optional Byrrh Quinquina Garnish with a round slice of lemon. Cheers!

**Jamaican rum is extremely delicious and tbh doesn't get the credit it deserves at the home bar. If you can't find either of the rums suggested you can settle for something like Plantation 3 Star, or if you insist you can go wild with a gin. But I would highly recommend tracking down one of these bottles, which are both from much cooler producers and pack way more of a flavor punch.


Jujube, sometimes called Chinese Date, comes into season during the late summer in LA. When they are fresh they're sweet, slightly dry, and super crunchy, but as they ripen and wrinkle they become softer, sweeter and richer.

We preserved jujubes from Mr. Thao's Farm in Fresno, CA just as they began to ripen
. We cooked them in a syrup made with Chinese 5-Spice and brown sugar, and preserved them with apple cider vinegar. 

Balo likes to eat this syrup with his pancakes, but I personally prefer it with something slightly more bracing ;) 5-Spice Jujube Syrup is a perfect ingredient for a hot rum cocktail! 

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