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Our Process


Whether we use juice, puree or whole fruit, our kombucha always starts with farmers market produce!

Our kombucha starts with blending fresh produce, water, herbs and sugar to create an herbal tea. We work in small 5-gallon batches, and to each batch our hardworking SCOBYs do the heavy lifting of fermenting fresh produce into a sour, probiotic beverage.

After 5-7 days of fermenting our kombucha is ready to be strained and bottled! Once our kombucha has made it into the bottle, it sits out at room temperature for its secondary fermentation--this is what creates those beautiful small bubbles in your booch :) 

We leave our kombucha unpasteurized & bursting with healthy probiotics. Each flavor is meant to capture and showcase the flavors of seasonal produce in LA, and each step of this process is performed carefully to achieve that goal!

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